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Reliability Radio Programs
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Join Terrence O'Hanlon as he learns more about the new People and Processes unique Maintenance and Reliability for Manager's learning experience. (30 minutes)
Join Terrence O'Hanlon in a lively question and  answer session with Jack R. Nicholas Jr. resulting from the PdM Managers' Web Workshop Part 1 questions and answer session. (52 minutes)
Reliability Program Scorecard  Join Terrence O'Hanlon in a  lively conversation with John Mitchell about the Reliability Program Scorecard.  (25 minutes)
Benchmarking Best Practices Maintenance for Management with Terry Wireman Join Terrence O'Hanlon in a  lively conversation with Terry Wireman about benchmarking maintenance.  (38 minutes)
The RCM Scorecard (48 minutes)

Join Terrence O'Hanlon in a  lively conversation with Jack Nicholas Jr. about the RCM Scorecard. 

We all hear a lot of positive and negative reports about Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) however most of the information is anecdotal rather than based on the actual metrics or results. 

Join Jack Nicholas Jr. to learn more about the emerging RCM Scorecard, a metric based, results oriented method for assessing the results of your Reliability Centered Maintenance program.  Jack has been inspired and influenced by RCM pioneers like Anthony "Mac" Smith and Glenn Hinchcliffe, authors of RCM - A Gateway to World Class Maintenance and active practitioners like Doug Plucknette (of RCM Blitz fame), who along with Jack, each originated many of the ideas and concepts that will be explored in this workshop and roundtable.   

The objective of a Reliability Centered Maintenance Score Card is to provide RCM users with a tool to help determine or demonstrate how successful a given RCM analysis was based on criteria that can be measured prior to performing an analysis, recommendations immediately following the analysis, and one year after the analysis tasks have been implemented.

Criteria selected as part of the RCM Score Card was selected using common RCM terminology used in the document titled Reliability Centered Maintenance by F. Stanley Nowlan and Howard F. Heap.


Why Companies Should Implement Reliability-Centered Risk Management by John F. Wright  eXegeSys, Inc.

Learn how risk management complements reliability centered maintenance by classifying the criticality of equipment, the likely modes of failure and the effects a failure might have on equipment, the environment and/or personnel.

Taming the Maintenance Information Jungle Part 1 by Joel Levitt - We all sufer from information overload - too much information or from not having enough information in the right place at the right time.  With Maintenance downsizing occurring around the world. Mr. Levitt teaches us some methods to Tame the Maintenance Information Jungle

Click here for Part 2

Join us for a lively conversation with Anthony Mac Smith the coauthor of "RCM - Gateway to World Class Maintenance".   You can also read an excerpt from the book by using the link that is provided.

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